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Good Dog Walking NYC strives to provide the full fur essentials for our clients. Our NYC Dog Sitting or Pet Care services can be acquired anywhere through the city, in all five boroughs. Good NYC Dog walking is located throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn and many of our services can be adapted for your own specific needs.

A good pet care provider is one that cherishes your little —or big— buddy as much as you do! We want to know what spot to scratch and specific treats they go gaga for. Good Dog walking in NYC is about acknowledging a furry friends favorite sniffing tree, their squirrel fetishes, and curb side manner. We work and communicate with you so you are always part of the adventures our NYC dog walking world brings.

For us, a good NYC dog walker is one who walks in all seasons, in all weather and at any time of the day. A good NYC dog sitter is one who emails you on your pup's adventures while you are traveling. A Good NYC Dog Walking Company is about being caring, committed and friendly to all.

Group Dog Walking

Good Dog Group Walking continues to launch throughout Brooklyn and is commonly found in the Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint areas. Good Dog has been servicing all areas of Manhattan since 2006.

Good Dog walking is essential to a puppy’s day. Fresh air, caring friends, and life’s daily adventures gives them a pep in their step like nothing else can. The pleasure of dog walking comes from a puppy’s curiosity satisfied. A fulfilled trot on our way home means our dog walker’s job was a success.

We offer a range of dog walking lengths for the every dog. Short snout dogs, such as Bulldogs or Boston Terriers tend to need 30 minute walking sessions, while bigger dogs and even the smallest of some terriers may need longer walks to really obtain the wonders of a good walk. With Good Dog walking company, we will work with you and your dog’s needs to find the optimal frame for your dog. To get the full experience, every dog walking client is provided with a Dog Journal for our walker’s ‘After Walk’ notes, an option to receive SMS text updates, and a free initial walk!

Group dog walking or Pack Walking is a great option for clients with dogs that are sociable and even for clients whose dogs have yet to be. Our dog walkers have found shy dogs tend to become bolder and more confident when group walked with an additional pal. Dogs also tend to release more energy when having a dog to dog interaction and as a result seem much more satiated at the end of each group walk.

In order to maintain Good Dog walking company’s standard of individual care for every dog, we limit group dog walking to four -4- dogs per group. For us, group walks become a wonderful alternative to Doggie Daycare, a place we find can be stressful due to its fast paced and intimidating environment. The Playground can be overwhelming but Play dates are always fun.

Solo Dog Walking

Often, at Good Dog walking, clients approach us with a set of goals for their dog's walking sessions. We understand that no dog is exactly alike, which is why our NYC dog walkers are individually chosen to be paired with each dog. We provide clients with a preliminary 'Meet and Greet', in which you and your puppy get acquainted with the walker prior to the start of initial service. While walkers learn the ins and outs of your best buddy, you get to discuss all details thoroughly, and your pup gets to sniff us out! The same dog walker will continue to be the care taker for your dog with every new service, establishing a consistent relationship in your pup's life.

As always, the Good Dog Walking full experience means every client receives a Dog Journal for our walker's 'After Walk' notes, optional choice of SMS text walking updates, and a free initial walk!

Solo Dog walking provides dogs with necessary individual attention and care. During a dog's life the need for individual attention occurs. A puppy's first steps on the pavement is made easier one on one. A dog in training can easily be distracted in a group but composed when with just the walker. Senior dogs may need a patient friend and a puppy may have caught the Kennel Cough. Whether the little one doesn't play well with others or the big guy just prefers a buddy walking on two legs, we'll provide you with the attention they need.

Good Dog Solo Walking continues to launch throughout Brooklyn and is commonly found in the Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint areas. Good Dog has been servicing all areas of Manhattan since 2006.

Puppy Care

When a client initially adopts a puppy they find themselves excited and overwhelmed all in one. The experience of puppy love is like no other, and the desire to make him or her, the happiest and healthiest, takes first priority. Even the most prepared of owners will encounter a few surprises along the way. One of the initial challenges is returning to work. Puppy care is essential, regardless of work demands and a bored puppy can usually mean a torn up home or future behavior problems.

Good Dog provides puppy care for clients at no extra cost. We provide you with a friendly and experienced walker that in return mimics the needs of your training or puppy care as you head to work. Your pup gets the services he or she needs in the allotted time chosen – whether it be learning to walk around the block or just wee wee pad training while they await their full shots. Specific puppy services and needs vary which is why we always stay flexible and keep communicating on a daily basis with you via our journals.

Pet Chaperone

Good Dog walking is skilled in a range of puppy care and pet services as noted. In addition to our usual attendance, Good Dog walkers are reliable Pet Chaperones. Often, in NYC, a client is put in a position where ones little buddy needs a new 'do or a visit to the vet. Our pet chaperones will escort any pet to his or her destination. We will wait, return, take notes and pick up prescriptions or shampoo if needed. The flexibility our company provides help make utilizing our attendants services a breeze.

Several of our clients find themselves away for an entire day due to an unforeseen circumstance. Scheduling a few hours of Home Care with a Pet Chaperone is another route often taken. Whatever time or purpose we’ll fill your needs.

Available throughout all 5 Boroughs and well known in the Brooklyn (Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint) and Manhattan communities.

In Home Dog Sitters

Good Dog's In Home Dog sitting is exceptional. It becomes a wonderful choice for dogs that have separation anxiety or social issues because their environment remains the same. Senior dogs and puppies without full shots can continuously be turned down for Boarding, while In Home Pet Sitters alleviate this issue. It is also a wonderful choice for 1 day Dog Sitting, in which the transition is made that much easier.

Our sitters walk and care for Fido just as you do. We ask for a 'day in the life' itinerary of your pet’s world so we can best mimic their usual routine and send you updates on your pups activities via email so you remain in the loop. Our sitters treat your home with complete respect and everything remains 100% exactly as you left it. Clients who have a walker assigned can even use their same walker for as their In Home Dog Sitter.

Available throughout all 5 Boroughs and well known in the Brooklyn (Park Slope, Dumbo, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint) and Manhattan communities.

Out House Dog Sitters

Good Dog's Out House Dog Sitting takes place in a select few of our staff's home environments. All puppy and dog safe, with many homes having dogs already, our staff and company strongly prefer and recommend this option. When compared to the crated, kenneling choices or rubber mat plus twenty dogs we will always side with a Home environment. We find our dogs relaxed and happy to be sharing walks and meals, mornings and snuggle nights with the consistency of a guardian and buddy. We want our pups to have someone that will let them hang on the couch and rub their belly while they fall asleep and try to provide that individual attention that makes their day.

Available throughout all 5 Boroughs and well known in the Brooklyn (Park Slope, Dumbo, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint) and Manhattan communities.

Cat Sitters

Much to our company name’s surprise, Cat Sitting is the specialty we started in! We love all animals and cats hold a special place in our hearts for their beloved behaviors. No one is alike and all are rememberable. Our Cat Sits are for the independent by nature. Not always desiring as much play and without the need for walks like our canine friends, we have Cat Visits for the travelling clients.

For your feline friend, we offer Good Cat sitting lasting a half hour to one hour. Each cat sit visit typically entails feeding, litter changing and playtime or petting and grooming. Our cat sitting are tailored to each individual case and an option for overnight cat sitting can be requested.

Critter Care

Have you ever seen a fish smile? How about a ferret walked? We have! Employees at Good Dog specialize in pets of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your needs we can provide the help you need. Call us with your special pet request, we’re here accommodate you!

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