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What are your hours?

Typically 8:00 am – 10:00 pm Monday through Friday; 8:30 am – 10:00 pm Saturday through Sunday BUT because we are based on flexibility feel free to inquire about hours that are needed outside of these frames. Though we may not be able to consistently walk Midnight shifts for your dog Mon – Fri we can usually say yes to an atypical request that is needed for the moment. Our walkers have fun changing up their schedules and just being able to be there for you and your dog.

Is it the same walker every time?

Yes, we know dogs enjoy consistency and can be nervous of a continual cycle of random walkers arriving at their home while their owner isn't home. Though many dogs also have been found to not care at all, we still like to keep the same walker so everyone (doorman, dog, owner and walker alike!) is on the same page.

How do I know what occurred on the walk?

Through a journal, SMS text or email. The journal is our staple but for optional and immediate information during your work day, the walker can inform you of the walk via text in between routes.

Do you provide special Puppy Care?

Yes and at no extra cost! Simply call or email us with your needs.

What is your cancellation Policy?

Though we would enjoy advanced notice you can cancel up to the same day, by 10 am that morning. Most places require 24 hours but we feel if you decide to take a day off from work to hang with your pup you shouldn't have to be penalized for it by us! A full fee of the confirmed service will be imposed for any cancellation(s) in which a walker has initiated their day's route with the service intended.

Would you feed or administer medicines to my pets?

Yes, we do. We have done everything from a daily vitamin, refilled water bowl and food dish to insulin injections. Our walkers are wonderful, considerate and responsible individuals that we’ll meet and discuss your needs with you prior to any walk or sit start date. So we give you ample time to lay out your needs and instructions for us to follow.

Are you bonded and Insured?


What areas of the city do you service?

All of Manhattan and many parts of Brooklyn (Bushwick, Wlliamsburg, Greenpoint, Dumbo, Park Slope). For Dog or Pet Sitting we service all Five Boroughs.

Do you have packages?

No. Since our rates are on the low end and we have no hidden fees, we ultimately match the costs of other companies even with their packages. So in keeping things as uncomplicated and forth coming as possible we provide you with our services at their face value.

I'm interested. What is the set up procedure?

A service typically takes a couple of days to a week for complete set up. We almost always book a free 'Meet and Greet' for you to consult with the walker prior to service start. Also, if you do NOT have doorman service, your assigned walker needs to meet with you to obtain a set of your keys.

Start by emailing us with your name, pet's name, home address, contact #, and scheduling needs. Make sure to put your thoughts, questions and worries (about anything!) all down as we can really help alleviate them – we love pets and know them and most neighborhoods fairly well. Good Dog then replies to your inquiry within 24-48 hours with a login and password to your own scheduling account (with calendar), your walker, group dogs in your area, and 'Meet and Greet' availabilities.

After the Meet and Greet, our walkers are ready to start the very next day.

Can I schedule a 'Meet and Greet' after work?

Yes, we are flexible!

How do I pay?

Credit Card via Online, through Snail Mail or with Cash at Home to be left for pickup by your walker. Most clients use our automatic CC system online but we encourage whatever works for you. An Invoice of services rendered is sent out biweekly.

How do I schedule a walk?

Online with your own personal calendar where you can book dog walks or sits months in advance, via email, phone, SMS text or through your walker. Our system continually circulates so one tool of communication is transferred to anyone in the need of knowing. So go with what you prefer!

Do you do pack walking?

No. When grouped our dogs are only with one to 3 other dogs. We do NOT leave them outside of buildings!

Do you visit dog runs?

Yes, only with your consent. Some clients prefer the walk to be about walking; some prefer a romp at the run. Some clients do not like their dogs off leash without them. We understand and will work with you!

Do you have references?

Of course! Our company is long standing and has a portfolio of clients which can be produced upon request. You can also view our Testimonials to see what our clients have to say.

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