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At Good Dog Walking NYC, we strive to provide the very best care for everyone’s pet. It is essential for our NYC dog walkers to be patient, kind and loyal comrades to your companion. We know they deserve nothing less. A good day for our dog walkers is one greeted with tail wags!

While being there for your pets, Good NYC Dog walkers have come to realize flexibility matters. Beyond providing complete care for your pets, Good Dog strives to provide real-time service for your needs. We recognize monthly contracts and hidden fees are unnecessary clauses that become hindrances to our clients. At Good Dog, our NYC walkers work WITH the clients! We assign a walker or walkers to each dog in order to fill any and every request as best as we can.

NYC, like life itself, is a busy and inconsistent place to live. Good Dog Walkers recognize this in our daily lives and don’t expect our NYC clients to have to follow a regimen they may not always need. Whether you utilize us ONCE a year or 7 days a week, our rates will always remain the same! Good NYC Dog Walkers believe in providing first class service to every canine, feline and any atypical inquiry. Our time is tailored to yours. You book a time, length, & get to discuss with your walker what your INDIVIDUAL needs are for your pup. Flexibility, fun, and unique care for all are what Good Dog Walking Company commits to!

Good Dog Walking - Group Dog Walks


15 Minute Walks : 12$
30 Minute Walks : 14$
45 Minute Walks : 18$
60 Minute Walks : 22$






15 Minute Walks : 14$
30 Minute Walks : 16$
45 Minute Walks : 20$
60 Minute Walks : 25$

Good Dog Walking - Solo Dog Walks





Good Dog Walking - Group Dog Walks


Cat Visits : 15$
Critter Care : 15$
In Home Weekday Dog Sits : 60$
In Home Weekend Dog Sits : 70$
Out Home Weekday Dog Sits : 50$
Out Home Weekend Dog Sits : 60$
Pet Chaperone : 15$ a Half Hour
     PLUS Transportation Fees





After Hours (Weekends OR Weekdays BEFORE 10 AM & AFTER 6 PM): +5$
Additional Dogs in Household: +½ Base Price
Out House Sit Transportation: +15$


Tax: All rates are subject to sales tax.
Cancellations: In the event of cancellation please contact us by 10AM the day of service. A full fee of the confirmed service will be imposed for any cancellation(s) in which a walker has initiated their day’s route with the service intended.

Requests: As much as we do our best to fill everyone’s requests, reservations do fill. It is best to contact us in a reasonable time frame so we can sufficiently accommodate all your needs.

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