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A Dogs Day in Battery Park City, the East Village and Tribeca

To make tail ends of anything we have to start at the tip, with fabulous Battery Park City and the two dog runs that lie within. Our NYC dog walkers have heard talk of mounds for the agility minded dogs at the Kowsky Plaza Dog

Kowsky Plaza Dog RunRun (see left), and a step in water fountain! Then there is Kowsky's scenic counterpart, Battery Park City with a view of the water. While, Tribeca's sad savings grace is the Tribeca’s Dog Run, a small no-frills asphalt run. Best to head North East.

Dog walkers can take their pups to the East Village's historic dog run. Tompkins Square Park is New York's very first dog run and boasts an amazing Halloween dog costume bonanza. The run keeps it clean with an official chip day to replenish the ground and two separate size runs. Fish Bridge Park is a public dog run located on the Lower East Side. Dog walkers can enjoy tail wagging pool scenes while with Fido south of the Brooklyn Bridge. Then, there is Stuyvesant Square dog run. More of a canine-human time share than run, owners can only utilize the perk of the park from 6 to 10am: Weekdays and 6 to Noon: Weekends.

Puppy Love in the West Village, Chelsea, and Flatiron

Union Square Dog Run

West Village dog walkers continually gab about two private and highly praised dog runs in the Village. The West Village D.O.G. Run costs $40 annually but is limited to only 300 families at a time —we're still waiting. Mercer-Houston Dog Run lies across from the Angelica Movie Theater. Our village dog walkers tend to take in a movie after the dog run festivities. For an annual $50, your pooch can wade in the puppy pool while you take in the downtown vibe and cityscape.

Want free and fun? Head to Washington Square Park. With dogs a plentiful this run boasts a dog bath and great drainage. Our dog walkers love UnionSquare's (see left), small but well groomed dog run. Madison Square Park's dog run, while fun when clean and uncrowded can be a Flatiron dog walker's disaster during the day. The gravel exudes a poignant aroma, but recent renovations may have helped. Granted, it's a Murray Hill and Gramercy dog walker's nearest outdoor escape!

Off the beaten path and on to the Hudson River Park, one of our West Village dog walkers found a small, cement spaced dog run with a water fountain and scenic Hudson River views. Then walk the sunny strip to Chelsea's Water Side Park. It's a dog run our NYC dog walkers are all in favor of. What Chelsea dog walker and dog duo would not want to roam around a dog run with hills of rock formations and a fallen tree bridge? Well there’s always the dog run on Pier 84 and the Hudson River. Small, quaint but with wonderful water views and breeze.

Hell’s Kitchen or Astro's Community Dog Run is privatized but inexpensive. Dog walkers interested volunteer for 4 hours a year and cough up $25. The perks are chairs, umbrellas and a garden for dog walker and dog alike. Then in Clinton or Midtown West lies the Dewitt Clinton Park. This small dog run has a small swimming pool in the summer!

Upper West Side Dog Runs and its Northern Region Counterparts

72nd St. Dog RunThe Upper West Side has great parks for puppy love. Its Riverside Park spans miles and can claim four dog runs! The West 72nd Street and West 87th Street Riverside dog run sports river views and a state of the art drainage system, so you can just relax and sit in a wrap-around tree bench, watching your pup play in the pool. Dog walkers do take over during the day but you'll only find a friendly group on the Upper West Side Strip. The Riverside Dog Run at 105th Street is paw-friendly with a crushed gravel surface and dog-friendly outdoor café located near the promenade. Outside food is a dog walker's answer to New York City's epic challenges.

Step up and out and you might hit Theodore Roosevelt Park or the Morningside Dog Run. Theodore's dog run stands next to the Museum of Natural History and is plush with benches, shade and an additional small dog run. The Morningside dog run sits at a hilltop and projects a dramatic view over one stunning park.

St. Nicholas Park Dog RunOccasionally our Upper West Side dog walkers find themselves in Harlem, Washington Heights or in the Inwood Region. Most of the Harlem dog walkers tend to congregate monthly for breakfast at the coffee bark gathering in Nicholas Park. The Nicholas dog run has frequently changed wood chip surface and is wonderfully shaded. Marcus Garvey Dog Run is set in a lovely historic park, peaking even the dog's interest.

Then there are the small but deeply desired. J. Hood Wright Park is a small, dirt surface dog run desperately needed in Washington Heights. Thomas Jefferson Park, though rather small, loud and busy, is the only dog run in East Harlem. So our Upper West Side dog walkers are grateful.

There are a few hidden gems in Inwood and Fort George that NYC dog walkers cherish. Inwood Hill Dog Park is a small gravel dog run near the baseball diamond, but isn’t much of wow factor compared to the park you'll find it set in. Despite the dogs-on-leash signs, dog can be found frolicking up the trails and into the hills with their fellow comrade and dog walker. The park is huge, unobtrusive and majestic. Fort Tryon Park has a massive, fenced-in lawn and a 24-hour off-leash space. Fort George dog and dog walkers enjoy more than an acre of a hillside spot in this dog run and can even dine at the outdoor tables of the nearby café.

Central Park, Midtown and Upper East Dog Runs

The Annual My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair says it all! One of the best dog walker routes in NYC is through Central Park during the am and pm hours. Dogs romp off-leash before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m. in select areas of Central Park. Unfortunately though, sections of Central Park, such as Sheep’s Meadow prohibit pups of any kind. The Bridle Path and the Ramble have canines leashed. Best to download Central Park's Dog Access Guide before trucking out.

Carl Schurz Park Dog RunMidtown delights in a small strip of concrete turned functional dog run at East 60th St. Pavilion or the Robert Moses Park. Lucky Midtown dog walkers have a saving grace with the Peter Detmold Park. This dog run boasts lots of space, benches and historical lamps. If you can handle the noise of the FDR—think choppers, trucks, and exhaust—and enjoy the view, your dog will too. The only dog run our NYC dog walkers can find on the Upper East Side is the great Carl Schurz Park. It has two adjacent small and large dog runs that maintain beautiful river views, benches and running room for the pups.


Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s Puppy Playgrounds

Hillside Park Dog RunHill Side Park was nominated as one of Brooklyn's top dog runs by our Brooklyn dog walkers. It claims to keep the 2-acre run shady all summer with 24 large trees and all natural wood chips from recycle tree pruning. Brooklyn Heights dog walkers can keep it cool with circular benches and picnic tables. A smaller run overlooked by many Brooklyn dog walkers, Palmetto Playground is also well maintained.

Bushwick dog walkers flock to Cooper Park, near Grand for a small well loved run. Williamsburg dog walkers have McCarren Park near Greenpoint for puppy socializing. It is small but well cared for and host to the BARC Parade! Greenpoint’s nearby run, McGolrick Park is much bigger than McCarren’s dog run and boasts clean wood chips.

Off-Leash Perks at Prospect Park and Fort Greene's

Prospect ParkIf you are looking for a fenced-in dog run you’ll be disappointed with Prospect Park, but past the barriers is a puppy paradise. Prospect Park's off-leash rules are pretty lax, so Brooklyn dog walkers get the run of the park. There is an amazing dog beach you can stumble upon by following the path passed the Tennis House towards the Pool when entering the Park at 9th Street! Our Brooklyn dog walkers also tend to congregate for coffee, muffins and dog biscuits every first Saturday of the month around 7-9 am in the Long Meadow.

Just like Prospect Park, there is no official dog run for the 30-acre historic Fort Greene Park. Instead, it is organized by dedicated Brooklyn dog walkers and residents. Dog may be off leash before 9am and after 9pm.

The Bark at Bay Ridge, Park Slope, and Carol Gardens

Overlooking the New York Harbor is a 150 by 40 ft dog run called Owl's Head Park. Bay Ridge dog walkers feel at peace in this beautiful park and love the water views. Though under construction in 2010 updates look promising. Near the Verrazano Bridge in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn dog walkers congregate to the Dyker Beach Park. The golf course right next door makes for interesting company.

JJ Byrne Park Dog RunPark Slope dog walkers head to JJ Byrne Park when all else fails. The park is small and all dirt, making it a last resort for the Park slope residents. Our Carroll Gardens dog walkers head to the former abandoned basketball court now known as DiMattina Park for puppy romping. The BQE makes the run a little noisy though.


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