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As pet lovers, Good Dog Walking Company was established in order to fulfill the real needs of pets and pet owners. By not adding restrictions to our services, we felt as caretakers we could be freed to do just that, care. Our goal as dog walkers, pet sitters, and animal lovers is to provide individual care and attention at affordable prices so everyone's needs are attainable. Our NYC Dog Walkers offer a wide range of dog walking options in order to best match you and your dog's activity level.

At Good Dog, we feel it's important to tailor our activities to the individual needs of your pets. We offer a broad range of services which can be customized to fit your lifestyle and maintain a personal ongoing journal so you can always be there even when you can't be. Our online calendar allows you the ease of scheduling whenever, wherever, whatever you need.

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Existing clients can access their online calendar and payment system through Good Dog's Client Login. Email us to sign up today!


We've walked, laughed, and loved every beast that has crossed our paths. Each day we head to work and greet our pets, we are moved by their joy and inspiration in our lives. At Good Dog, we boastfully and graciously celebrate the everyday canine, feline and New York pet with our personal collection of photos and public press moments.

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Good Dog Walking means knowing where the dogs want to play! Our walkers have scoped out every dog run in New York City, investigating them with our own pups. Just as every dog has his own voice, no two runs are alike so we recommend taking our tour and finding the right ones for you and your best friend. Keep your pup stimulated by venturing out to new terrain!

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